Crew Management

Elite Maritime Limited recognizes the importance of human resource in maintaining quality operations on board the vessels it manages. We have high expectations of the seafarers we employ. They are our resource and strength and in turn, it is these people who build strength and character of our company. Presently we have a pool of over 1300 highly experienced seafarers under our roster who meet the standards of STCW 95, ISM and Flag state requirements of the particular vessel.

We are proud to state that we are manning more than sixty (60) vessels accommodating about one thousand ratings and approx. three hundred junior & senior Officers on board Product Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Containers, Car Carriers & Log Carriers and General Cargo, trading world wide. At the time of selection, all officers and ratings are carefully interviewed and screened by our shore-based master mariners, chief engineers to ensure that they have the qualifications required for their specific positions. We truly believe in selecting the right people for the right ship.

What separates our service from others is that we are not just a crewing agency; we operate as a ‘Total Crew Management company’


Our crew management package is designed to relieve the owner of any workload connected with the manning of vessels. Our lump sum crew cost concept provides long term stability in cost center, which accounts for a large percentage of vessels operating costs. The lump sum concept provides guaranteed single foxed monthly fee thus eliminating uncertainty and unexpected increases in manning budget. It also reduces the administrative paper work and expense of processing disbursements and vouchers. Our lump sum management package includes:

  • Crew recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew.
  • Payment of wages and leave with overtime, service bonuses, etc. of officers and crew Portage bill scrutiny and payment to meet owners requirements.
  • Medical examinations and fitness certificates.
  • Implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies.
  • Crew P&I insurance as well as handling of respective claims.
  • Proper qualification and certification of crew.
  • Supply of working gear for crew.
  • Insurance of crew effects.
  • Training & upgrading of crew.
  • Visits to the vessels by Haque & Sons superintendents to supervise the crewing arrangements if required.
  • Overlapping wages for travel to and from vessel.
  • Air travel expenses to and from the vessel.
  • Provision supply and victual ling on board vessel.
  • Crew entertainment including videos, magazines, publication from home country of crew.
  • Any union or government expenses they may be related in connection with recruitment.
  • Crew welfare and family liaison.

With safety a priority on all our vessels, our crew is carefully selected to meet the particular requirements of individual vessels. Officers selected by us are highly skilled with many years of experience of running vessels of all types and sizes. Most working with us for long period of time building relationship of mutual trust and understanding of the professional standards demanded by our principal. Our shore based staff consisting of Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, and managers who understand today’s ever-changing market. The loyalty demonstrated by Elite Maritime Limited personnel indicated once again that is has found the right mix. Specifically, the company has adopted an overall manning policy which includes sophisticated officers control unit supported by well-trained and proven crew from the East.